Antique Prints of Citrus Fruits

Nuremberg Hesperides, 1708-1714 by Johann Volckamer ( Volkamer )

Just look and enjoy the splendor of these leaves: copper engravings in magnificent color of citrus fruit and blossoms, oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit, whole and cut open, and all of them richly hanging in the sky over landscapes, architecture, gardens which Volckamer, a publisher at Nuremberg, placed in and around his city of Nuremberg and, in the "Continuation" after the Nuremberg sites, palazzi, country houses and gardens in northern Italy, mostly the area of Verona (titles indicate the name of the chateau, garden or town). Some of these extremely rare as well as uniquely decorative prints were engraved by Paulus Decker the Elder, L.C Glotsch, B. Kenckel, C.F. Krieger, J. A. Montalegre, W. Pfan, and J.C. Steinberger. The preparatory work for this comprehensive work goes back to 1695.

In the less benign climate of central Europe, where winters could be quite severe, it had become fashionable among the aristocracy and also among well-to-be burgers to create "orangeries" in their private parks, greenhouses, tall enough to house even palmtrees in the wintertime. the frost-endangered citrus plants were wheeled out for the summer and back into the greenhouse late in fall to hybernate in a climate artificially created by heating. It was a longing for warmth and the Mediterranean which people craved in the North. And J. Volckamer created exactly the stuff, that dreams of this kind are made of.

Volckamer ( Volkamer), Johann Christoph: "Nurembergische Hesperides, oder gruendliche Beschreibung der edelen Citronat-, Citronen und Pomeranzen-Fruechte, wie solche in selbiger und benachbarten Gegend, recht mögen eingesetzt, gewartet, erhalten und fortgebracht werden.Sampt einer ausführlichen Erzehlung der meisten Sorten, welche theils zu Nürnberg würcklich gewachsen, theils von verschiedenen fremden Orten dahin gebracht worden..." und "Continuation der Nürnbergischen Hesperidum, oder fernere gründliche Beschreibung...."

Folio average 34 x 21.5 cm (13.39 x 8.46") Nuremberg, 1708-14. Some light spotting is normal. All have light age toning. Left margins are narrow. Paper is lightly uneven.

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Cedro Grosso Bondolotto


Print has a few scattered spots above Nürnberg. Some very light creasing in upper and lower margins.


Limea aranzata

In Herrn Dr. Falkners Garten.
Print has crease in lower margin. Narrow left margin.


Schweinau in Franconia

Clean print with fine coloring.


Order Nr. HESPERIDES 55220b


A few scattered spots in image.
Margins have some smudging and spotting.
Minor creases in lower margin.

$ 460.00

Order Nr. HESPERIDES 55220a

Gruendlach (in Franconia)

A few minor creases. Narrow left margin.

$ 450.00

Order Nr. HESPERIDES5216

"Altr Cedrati dalla Bizaria"

"Spalliergang in Herrn Seuters Garten"

Fine condition.




Light creases in margins. Minor smudging and spotting in margins.

$ 900.00

Order Nr. HESPERIDES5242

Coco Nuss

The scene below the coconut is in Africa.

$ 950.00

Order Nr. HESPERIDES55231

Aufgeschnittne Coccus Nuss.

"Vornehmer Herrn Trag-Sessel zu Peking in Sina."

Honored man being carried in a special chair in Peking.

Engraved by Ios. Montalegre.

$ 1200.00

Order Nr. HESPERIDE251604


Copper etching by Ludwig Christoph Glotsch after the drawing by Paul Decker sen. (1677-1713).

Published in Johann Christph Volckamer's "Nuremberg Hesperides" 1708/13. as a second title.

Arethusa was one of the hesperides (nymphs) in Greek Mythology. She was considered the guardian of citrus fruit. The Hesperides tend a "blissful garden" in the farthest western part of the (then known) world. There are various places named by antique historians and poets. The Canary Islands, however, were the farthest west known in the antique world. Other sources state north-west Africa (Atlas) to be the place.

The Hesperides were also called Heras's orchard in the west. There immortality-giving golden apples grew. One of Hercules' twelve labors was to bring back the Golden Apples from the Garden of the Hesperides.

Volckamer adorned his stunning garden book with citrus fruit (in Nuremberg and in Northern Italy). This engraving of great beauty is a title page in his work, dedicated to Arethusa. The nymph is sitting in the Hesperide Garden holding a citrus fruit in her hand. Two winged putti by her feet on either side of a basket full of citrus fruit.. A classical garden with fountains is the scene behind, and in the far distance lively traffic of sailships.

Left and right margins have been widened. Some very minor traces of age and use. Image very good!

30.5 x 19.5 cm (12 x 7.6")

$ 620.00

Order Nr. HESPERIDES235558

The following copper etchings are from Volckamer's Veronese Hesperides.

Villages, palaces and country seats on these prints are all located in northern Italy.

La parte interiore di qsto Cedra.

Il Corno: lontano di Verona miglia 4.

$ 1000.00

Order Nr. HESPERIDES5043

Limon striato da Malfetta

Palazzo verso L. Dolo del N.H. Grimani.

$ 1000.00

Order Nr. HESPERIDES5105

" Aranzo oblongo"

"Palazzo del N. H. Conte Pio sop. Padoua"

Today this palazzo is titled "Villa Molin". It is in Mandria, Ponte della Cagna.

Fine condition.

$ 1000.00

Order Nr. HESPERIDES5202

"Aranzo con Folia rizza tondetta"

"Giardino del Sig. Marchese Spolverini in Verona"

This print has a repaired tear in the upper left corner that is visible
on the front side and makes the area lighter.
The repaired tear is diagonal above the half orange.
Otherwise an attractive print.

$ 650.00

Order Nr. HESPERIDES5182

Lim. Zacheta Imperiali

Palzo del H.H. Nani al Dolo


Order Nr. HESPERIDES5109

Limon monstroso di Malfetta

Palazzo del N.H. Grimani Burgunzi al Dolo.


Order Nr. HESPERIDES5107

Cedrato monstroso di Fiorza

Il Lazaretto di Verona discosto 2 migl. dalla Citta.

Narrow left margin. Small crease in image.

Light spotting in margins.

$ 1000.00

Order Nr. HESPERIDES5590

Cedro di Ghianda

Monteforte sopra il torrente Albon distante dalla Citta di Verona miglia 16.

$ 1100.00

Order nr. HESPERIDES5046

La parte interiore del Limon non Hapari.

Pal. del N.H. Widman alla Mira Vechia.


Order Nr. HESPERIDES5101

Limon racemoso dal Broco

Palazzo del N.H. Marcello al Botegin

$ 1100.00

Order Nr. HESPERIDES5576


Lima verrucosa monstrosa

Pal. del N.H. Obizzo alla Bataglia

Two repaired tears in lower margin, one reaching 1cm into image.

$ 1000.00

Order Nr. HESPERIDES55162a

Cedro a Zucheta

La Villa di St. Vi, vicino L. Adice, 5 Mig lontano da Verona.


Order Nr. HESPERIDES5041

Limon a costa grande da Calabria.

Pal. al Dolo del N.H. Contarini.

$ 1100.00

Order Nr. HESPERIDES5112

Lumia da Patrasso.

Palazzo del N.H. Melin al Monte Buso sotto Moncelise.



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