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Why, you might think, do we wish to present a special "interior decorator's" page, when, indeed, our entire website is one designed for a wide variety of home, office, hotel-wall decoration? The answer is: While we are presenting antique prints of maps and city views, architecturals and professions, flowers and botanicals, animals and birds, maritimes and various genres, we feature, in a very different and special way, the world of antique ruins, of Egyptian, Greek, Etruscan and Roman statues, letting you enjoy a glance at the distinct classical lifestyles, outdoor and indoor, from the Pharaohs to the Roman Emperors. In this tradition we consequently follow up, by means of antique prints, through the ages and feature architecturals, furniture and various accessoires through the Renaissance and the Baroque ages.

Best of all, we are truly unique in the way we treat many of the antique prints in our possession. Unless they are clearly meant to remain black and white as they were printed we choose to give the ones designated to be colored their absolutely unique appearance of sheer beauty by letting our gifted colorists apply gouache or watercolor to them. No other copy of the identical print will ever look alike. Just skim through our decorator's page, and you'll see what I mean by enjoying what you discover.

Animal Prints - Decorative prints from the animal kingdom.

Architectural Prints - Some of the finest prints of Classical architecture.

Basoli - Copper Line Etchings by Antonio Basoli ( 1774-1848)

Botanicals - A large selection of decorative botanicals.

Claude Lorrain - Mezzotints in sepia. Classical Landscapes.


Day-Months-Seasons-Time - very decorative sequences

Etruscan Vases - Fine prints of some of the most beautiful examples of Etruscan art.

Furniture - Exquiste engravings of French furniture.

Galerie de Florence - Tableaux, statues, bas-reliefs et camées

Greek Vases - William Hamilton's Greek vases.

Herculaneum -Early examples of Roman frescoes.

Mythology - Classic prints with themes of mythology.

Paintings, Watercolors and Drawings

Pequegnot - Classical and floral themes with great decorating potential.

Perrier - Fine Classical statues.

Raffaelo Santi - Loggia del Vaticano, copper etchings

Ready to Hang - Selection of framed prints and paintings ready to hang on the wall.

Rossi - Classical Statues in Italian Homes and Gardens

Vases - Exquisite vases by Aenea Vico and Polidoro da Caravaggio


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