The Vatican Loggie

The Loggie del Vaticano are part of the three-story papal palace building, planned by Pope Julian II and finished by Pope Leo X. The building is the living quarter of the popes. And it is imaginable how much emphasis and attention it therefore had.

Donato Bramante (1444 - 1514) was first commissioned with the architectural plans and with the artistic configurations and their execution for the building. After his death Raffael da Urbino (1483 - 1520 - also known as Raffaelo Santi or Raffaello Sanzio) received the assignment. One of the grand masters during the Renaissance, Raffael not only continued Bramante's plans, but also added his own ideas. He designed every detail of the frescos for which he drew from the limitless mythologigal sources which had been discovered in the antique world of Rome. Using mythology as a basis, Raffael added artistic elements of his time, thus creating a typical Renaissance melange. An assemblage of artists executed Raffael's visions, among them Giulio Romano, Perin del Vagas and Giovanni da Udine.

The copper etchings offered here for sale are from a series engraved by Francesco Rainaldi (Rome 1770 - 1805 Florence) after the drawings by Carlo Lasinio (Treviso 1759 - 1838 Pisa). Lasinio based his drawings on the imperial folio sized copper etchings by Giovanni Volpato (Bassano 1733 - 1803 Rome) and Giovanni Ottaviani (Rome 1735 - 1808). Instead of printing individual pilaster frescos, Rainaldi put two of them side by side, a breathtaking effect to the eye of the beholder.

The copper etchings were printed in Rome in the year 1802. They have brilliant gouache-hand-coloring, attentively executed even in the smallest detail. The full page size measures ca. 54.5 x 41.5 cm ( 21.5 x 13.4"). An exquisite wall decoration for the discriminating homeowner!

The condition is generally very good. Normal age-connected flaws, such as general age toning, miniscule spotting, minor wrinkles, minor creases, minor repaired tears in margins if any at all etc. are normal and will not be mentioned.

Price for each engraving: $ 720.00

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Free standing pilasters.


Pilasters 1 and 2

Order number: Raffael 8301SOLD

Image: 43 x 33.5 cm ( 16.9 x 13.2")
Page size: 54 x 41 cm ( 21.2 x 16.1")

Pilasters 3 and 4

Order number: Raffael 8302

Pilasters 5 and 6

Order number: Raffael 8303SOLD

Pilasters 7 and 8

Order number: Raffael 8304

Image: 43 x 33 cm ( 16.9 x 13")
Page size 53.5 x 41 cm ( 21 x 16.1")

Pilasters 9 and 10

Order number: Raffael 8305

Pilasters 11 and 12

Order number: Raffael 8306SOLD


Wall pilasters with fruit bordures

Pilasters I and II

Order number: Raffael 8307

Pilasters III and IV

Order number: Raffael 8308

Pilasters V and VI

Order number: Raffael Fruit 8309

Pilasters VII and VIII

Order number: Raffael 8310

Pilasters IX and X

Order number: Raffael 8311

Pilasters XI and XII

Order number: Raffael 8312

Image: 43 x 33 cm ( 16.9 x 12,9")
Page size: 54 x 42 cm ( 21.2 x 16.5")

Pilasters XIII and XIV

Order number: Raffael Fruit 8313

Pilasters III and IV

Order Nr. RAFFAEL252752

Image: 43 x 33 cm ( 16.9 x 12.9")
Page size: 55 x 41 cm ( 21.6 x 16.1")

Pilasters VII and VIII

Order Nr. RAFFAEL252753

Afew light spots in margins. Margin edges show some signs of age and use.

Image: 43 x 33 cm ( 16.9 x 12.9")
Page size: 59 x 44 cm ( 23 x 17.3")

Pilasters IX and X

Order Nr. RAFFAEL252754

Image: 44 x 33 cm ( 17.3 x 12.9")
Page size: 58 x 43 cm ( 22.8 x 16.9")

Pilasters III and IV

Order Nr. RAFFAEL252755

Image: 44.5 x 33 cm ( 17.5 x 12.9")
Page size: 54 x 41 cm 21.2 x 16.1")

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