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" La guerre. - Cantonnement de Kaisrash, entre Kischeneff et Kornechti, bords du Pruth."

Wood engraving by Bellenger after Scott ca 1880. Reverse side is printed.

15 x 21.5 cm ( 5.9 x 8.4 ")

$ 30.00

Order Nr. MOLDAVIA238909SOLD

Ansichten von der Stadt Kischineff, Hauptquartier der russischen Suedarmee.

(Kischineff, Kischinew, Chisinau)

Images: Wasserfuhrwerk der staedtischen Wasserleitung, Staedisches Rathaus, Die Hauptkirsche der unierten Griechen, Ansicht der Stadt von der Ostseite, Wohnsitz des Metropoliten, Ansicht eines Theils der ausseren Vorstadt.

Wood engraving ca 1885. Reverse side is printed.

22.6 x 30 cm ( 8.8 x 11.8 ")

$ 50.00

Order Nr. MOLDAVIA234243

"1er Moldave - Voici un brave homme! on ne comprend pas un mot de ce qu'il dit!

 2e -                 Ce doit etreun étranger! qu'on le mette vite sur le throne!"

1. Moldauer: Look, A good man does not understand a word of what he says.

2. Moldauer: That must be a foreigner! Let us put him quickly on the throne.

A parady on the changing history of the Prncipality of Moldavia during the period of foreign rule.

Original colored lithograph by Cham (pseudonym of Amedee-Charles-Henry de Noe (1818-1879)

Publihed in "La Caricature" Paris, 1866.

Some signs of age and use in margins. Image in good condition except for a very light
crease on left side.. Reverse side is not printed.

Image; 21,6 x 18,4 cm (ca. 8.5 x 7.2")
Page size: 35,3 x 26,5 cm (ca. 13.9 x 10.4")"

$ 110.00


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