Antique Prints of
Various Professions

Enjoy these historical prints of various professions. All prints are in good condition unless otherwise mentioned. Please contact us if you are looking for a particular profession or trade.

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Antique Prints of the Legal Professions (Lawyer, Notary, Abogado, Notario, Rechtsanwalt, Notar, Avvocato, Notaio, Avocat, Notaire)

Antique Prints of Medical Professions

Antique Prints of Art Sellers ( Antique Prints of Art Dealers, Booksellers, Kunsthaendler, Antiquare, Commerciantes d'Arte, Marchand d'Arte, Trocanteur )


Antique Prints of Trades

MAPS: Maps of many countries from the great cartographers of the last 500 years.

PRINTS OF THE ENTIRE WORLD: Antique town and city views.

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